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Rules & Regulations

1. Establishment

The Pacific City Club (‘the Club’) is established and shall be governed in accordance with these By-Laws and Regulations issued pursuant here to as the same maybe amended from time to time.

The Club premises are located on the 28th floor – 30th floor, Two Pacific Place, 142 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

2. Purpose

The Club has been formed to provide its Members with fine dining, recreational and fitness facilities in an exclusive social and business environment.

3. Status and Management

The Club is a proprietary club owned by Pacific Exclusive City Club Limited (the ‘Proprietor’). The proprietor, itself or through a management company engaged by it, shall appoint a Club Manager to manage the operations of the Club on behalf of the Proprietor, with due regard to the vies and options of the Board.

Except for those matters reserved to the Board by these By-Laws and except as otherwise expressly provided herein and in the Regulations, all matters related to the Club shall be determined by the Proprietor and all references to acts or decisions of the Club herein shall be to acts and decisions of the Proprietor or its authorized representative.

4. Membership

    4.1 Membership of the Club is by invitation only at the recommendation and approval of the Board. All members shall abide by these By-Laws and Regulations hereunder.

    4.2 The Membership of the Club shall, for the time being, consists of the following types of Members.

Individual Members

Individual Memberships are owned by individuals. An individual membership is transferable to another individual subject as approved in these By-Laws.

Corporate Members

Corporate membership is owned by the Corporate Member and is transferable to another entity or body subject as provided in these By-Laws. A Corporate Member shall nominate individuals (‘Nominated Individual’) to exercise its rights to use the Club and may nominate Additional Nominated Individuals subject to payment of such additional fees, dues and other charges as may be prescribed by the Club. A nominated Individual must be acceptable to the Board. A Corporate Member and each of its nominated Individuals and Additional Nominated Individuals are jointly responsible for the dues and charges of each of such Nominated Individual.

There is no such thing as an absent Corporate Membership or nominee position. Corporate Members are responsible for the dues of each nominee position whether they are currently filled or not.

A Corporate Member may apply to the Board to change any of its Nominated individuals, subject to payment of such fee and to such other conditions as the Club may from time to time prescribe and provided that all dues and charges for which the Corporate Member is responsible have been duly paid.

Honorary Members

Honorary Membership shall be issued to members of the Board of Governors and may also be issued to such individuals as the Board of Governors may with the approval of the Proprietor invite. Honorary Members pay no membership fee or dues. Honorary Memberships are not transferable and expire upon resignation, death or relocation from Bangkok of the Member. Except as stated herein all of the previsions of these By Laws applicable to Individual Members shall apply to honorary Members.

4.3 The Club and the Board of Governors shall have the right to introduce additional types of Membership from time to time and shall determine the maximum number of Members of each type, the terms and conditions applicable to and the privileges attaching to any existing or additional types of Members

5. Application

    5.1 An application in a form approved by the Board shall be duly completed and submitted by each prospective Individual Member and by each Corporate Member with respect to each person nominated by it as a Nominated Individual or replacement Nominated Individual, and by each intended transferee of a membership.

    5.2 The Board shall review all such applications and may at its discretion approve or withhold approval to the same (without giving any reason). If an application with respect to a Nominated Individual is not approved, the Corporate Member concerned shall be entitled to make a further nomination.

6. Acceptance of Membership

    6.1 Each invitee who has been accepted for membership shall pay a membership fee of such amount as the Club may specify to be applicable to his type of membership. The membership fee is non-refundable.

    6.2 Any invitee who has been accepted for membership and has paid the applicable membership fee in respect of such membership shall become a Member of the Club with effect from such date as the Club shall specify, and be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of membership and be bound by these By-Laws and the Regulations hereunder.

    6.3 The Club may, from time to time, amend, add to, vary or waive compliance by any invitee of any of the conditions to membership or invitation procedure as stated herein.

    6.4 Each Member agrees, by becoming a member of the Club, to abide by these By-Laws and all Regulations issued hereunder to be responsible for ensuring that such Member’s spouse, Nominated Individuals and guests shall do likewise.

7. Transfer of Membership

    7.1 The Club may permit the transfer of any or all of the types of membership, other than Honorary Membership, subject to payment of such transfer fees and to other conditions as the Club may from time to time prescribe, and subject to the approval of the proposed transferee by the Board of Governors or the Membership Committee, and provided that all dues and charges for which the Member is responsible shall have been duly paid.

    7.2 No application for transfer of membership by a Member will be considered unless it is made 1 year after that Members admission to membership.

8. Right of Members

    8.1 The Proprietor will provide the Members with the Club premises. Any Individual Member or approved Nominated Individual shall be entitled to full use of the facilities of the Club in accordance with these By-Laws and applicable Regulations hereunder.

    8.2 The membership of any Member does not confer upon such Member any ownership, interest, right, benefit, or title to or in any of the property or assets of the Club. No Member, shall, by virtue of his Membership only, assume any liability of the Club whether in respect of its property or assets.

    8.3 An Individual Member or a Nominated Individual may nominate his or her spouse to have the use of the Club’s facilities, and the Member concerned shall be responsible to ensure that such spouse abides by these By-Laws and applicable Regulations hereunder.

9. Guests

Members and Nominated Individuals and their spouses may introduce guests into the Club premises in accordance with these By-Laws and applicable Regulations. The Member concerned shall be fully responsible for all acts, doings, costs, expenses, and liabilities done, incurred or suffered by such guests.

10. Subscription

Each member (except Honorary Member) shall pay their subscription on time, specified by the Club to be applicable to the class of membership of such member, in the case of Corporate Member, the number of nominated Individuals the member is entitled to nominate. The Club shall notify the each member of the amount, date, and manner in which subscription applicable to such member are payable and any changes thereto.

Corporate membership subscription are payable in full whether or not Nominated Individuals have been designated.

11. Payment of Accounts

A Member’s account unpaid 30 days after the billing date shall be considered overdue and a late charge equal to two percent (2%) per month of the past due amount shall be added to the Member’s next statement. If any Member’s account shall remain unpaid for a period of 60 days from the date of the first billing, the membership rights of the Member may be suspended until the account is paid in full and re-admission has been approved by the Board of Governors.

12. Resignation of Membership

A Member may resign from the Club effective as of the last day of any calendar month by giving not less than 30 days advance written notice by registered post to the Club. The Member shall cease to be a Member of the Club as from the effective date of resignation, subject to payment by such Member of all membership fees, dues and other charges due up to such effective date and the return of his membership card(s) to the Club.

13. Death of A Member

The rights of a Member who is an individual shall cease upon the death of such Member except that the surviving spouse of deceased Member may, within three months from the date of the death of such Member, upon notice in writing to the Club, succeed to the membership of the deceased Member and be entitled to all the rights and privileges of such deceased Member without payment of any membership fee or transfer fees.

14. Absent Members

An Individual Member maybe placed on Absent Member status providing the following criteria are met.

    14.1 All monies owed to the Club by the Member must be paid in full.

    14.2 The Member shall make a written request for Absentee Member status and must satisfy Board of Governors that he will be resident outside Thailand or outside a specified distance from the Club for a minimum period of one year.

    14.3 The Member shall pay in advance a charge equal to three months dues.

    14.4 During the period of Absent Member status neither such Member nor his or her spouse may patronize or make use of the Club.

    14.5 The maximum time limit for Absent Member status is one year unless the Board otherwise agrees.

    14.6 The Member shall pay their subscription to be restored as an active membership.

15. Expulsion and Suspension of Members

    15.1 Board of Governors may at its discretion and without giving any reason therefore expel from the Club or suspend for such time as it may prescribe the membership privileges of any Member, or any Nominated Individual nominated by a Corporate Member, by sending by a way of registered post a written notice of expulsion or suspension to the Member concerned at the address registered with the Club if it considers that,

            a) such Member or Nominated Individual has conducted himself in any way injurious to the Club or contrary to the interests of the Club or is guilty of
                conduct unbecoming of a Member of the Club

            b) such Member or Nominated Individual is in breach of any of provisions of these By-Laws or of the Regulation

            c) such Member or Nominated Individual defaults in payment of accounts in accordance with the provisions on payment of accounts herein or in the Regulations.

            d) such Member or Nominated Individual is consistently late in payment of accounts.

    15.2 An expelled Member on expulsion, and suspended Member during the period of suspension, shall cease to have any rights, benefits or privileges of membership and shall cease to be entitled to use of the Club. A Corporate Member will not be expelled by reason any of all its approved Nominated Individuals having been expelled or suspended pursuant to the foregoing.

16. Board of Governors

    16.1 The Proprietor shall appoint a Board of Governors comprising such persons as it may seem fit at its absolute discretion. Members of the Board shall serve without any fee or other form of compensation and shall not, by virtue of such membership, assume any obligation or liability on behalf of the Club.

    16.2 The Proprietor shall appoint the Chairman of the Board of Governors after consultation with other Members of the Board.

    16.3 Each Member of the Board, who is automatically an Honorary Member of the Club, shall be entitled to such special rights and privileges as the Proprietor may from time to time prescribe.

    16.4 The Board of Governors shall have such rights, privileges, powers, responsibilities and duties as are conferred on it by these By-Laws and such other rights, privileges, powers, responsibilities and duties as may be agreed from time to time between the Board of Governors and the Proprietor.

    16.5 The Board of Governors shall in particular represent the interests of the Members of the Club and make recommendations as to the overall standing and direction of the Club. It shall advise the Proprietor on all matters relating to the operation of the club and matters affecting the membership and on such other matters concerning the Club as the Proprietor may from time to time refer to the Board.

    16.6 A member of the Board shall vacate office or cease to be a Board Member if :-

            a) He becomes incapacitated by reason of unsound mind or ill health to perform his duties as a member of the Board;
            b) He makes any arrangement or composition with his creditors or he is adjudged bankrupt;
            c) He gives notice in writing to the proprietor or the Chairman that he resigns from the Board; or
            d) For any reason he is requested in writing by the Proprietor or the Chairman to resign.

    16.7 The Proprietor shall be entitled at any time, and from time to time, to appoint any other person either to fill a vacancy in or as an addition to the Board of Governors.

17. Liability

The club (which in this By-Law 16 includes the Proprietor, any management company appointed by it, the Club Manager and each member of the Board of Governors and of any committee thereof) shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever to any of the Members or any Nominate Individuals, or their spouses or guests or any other person for any personal injury, damage, loss, cost or expense or inconvenience however or wherever caused to them while on or within the Club premises or to any goods or chattels brought by any such person upon the Club premises or in any way connected with the use of the Club.

All members, Nominated Individuals, their spouses, guests and all other persons enter the Club premises and use the club at their own risk. Each Member shall indemnify the Club in full against all claims, losses, damages, costs and expenses which the club may suffer or incur as a result of or in connection with the breach by such Member or the Nominated Individuals spouses or guests of such Member of these By-Laws or any Regulations hereunder or the use in any manner of the Club, and each Member shall on demand pay in full to the Club such claims, losses, damages, costs and expenses.

18. Regulations

The Club may issue Regulations concerning the use of the Club facilities and related matters, and may delegate authority to the Club Manager to do so on its behalf.

19. Alternation of By-Laws and Regulations

The Club may from time to time alter, amend, add to or replace these By-Laws and any Regulations in effect from time to time and shall notify the Members thereof. Every such alteration, amendment, addition, or replacement shall take effect on such date as the Club may prescribe and shall be binding on all the Members and others using the Club as of such date.

20. Notices

    20.1 Each Member shall register with the club Manager an address to which any notices, account and other communications may be sent and notify the Club Manager of any changes to such registered address.

    20.2 Any notice, account or other communication to be given to any Member may be given by sending the same by pre-paid post addressed to such Member at the registered address. Any notice or other communication to be given to the Club may be given by sending the same by pre-paid post addresses to the Club at the Club’s premises or in such manner and at such address as the Club may from time to time prescribe.

    20.3 Any notice given by pre-paid post shall be deemed to have been served on the date following the date on which the same was posted and in proving such service, it shall be sufficient to prove that the envelope containing the notice was properly addressed, stamped and posted.

21. Interpretation

When used herein, words importing the singular number only shall include the plural and vice versa and words importing any gender shall include the other genders. Any dispute or difference as to the interpretation or meaning of these By-Laws or any Regulations or any other matter connected with the club shall be determined by the Proprietor whose decision shall be final and conclusive and binding on all parties concerned.


These regulations ('Regulations') are issued pursuant to and must be read in conjunction with the Club’s By-Laws. If there is any conflict is any conflict between the Regulations and the By-Laws, the latter shall prevail.

The Club may from time to time alter these Regulations.

1. Membership

    1.1 Membership Cards

            a) All Individual Members and all Nominated Individuals of a Corporate Member and designated spouses entitled to use the Club shall be issued with a Membership Card, should carry their Membership Cards at all times while in the Club and must present their Membership Card when signing any chits or when so requested by any executive or staff of the Club.

            b) A Membership card is not transferable and may only be used by the person to whom it is issued.

            c) The Member concerned must report to the Club Manager in writing the loss of any Membership Card promptly. The Member shall be required to pay the Club a charge for the issuance of a replacement Membership Card of such sum as fixed by the club Manager from time to time. Until the Member as so notified the Club Manager of the loss of Membership Card, He shall remain liable for all chits signed on or against the lost Membership Card.

A membership desk is available on the 28th floor to provide a personal service to members who require assistance with any membership queries e.g. lost membership cards, the application process or subscription payments.

The main administrative Membership Office can be contacted on +662 653 2450. The office is open 9:00 - 18:00 hrs Monday to Friday.

The Membership Team can also provide members with detailed information about the broad range of facilities and benefits available, as well as assist with information regarding reciprocal clubs and letters of introduction.

    1.2 Member Account Payments

        Any charges made through your card to your member accounts should be settled by the last day of the month following that in which the transaction was rendered. You will receive a statement each month, either by post or email, showing all the transaction made, be they debits or credits. For further information on member account payments, please email the Accounts Department at acc.mgr@pacificcityclub.com. The annual subscription payment is taken by credit card or cash each year, ready for the Membership to continue the following year. For further information on subscription payments, please email the Membership Team at mbr.dir@pacificcityclub.com

2. Food and Beverage Outlets

    2.1 General

            a) Food and beverage outlets will be open at such times as determined by the Club.

            b) Persons below the age of eighteen (18) years may not be served alcoholic beverages anywhere in the Club Premises.

            c) No food or beverage may be brought into the Club Premises unless such food or beverage is supplied by the food & beverage Department or approved by the Club Manager.

    2.2 Private Function Rooms

          Members may reserve rooms in the Club Premises for private functions through the Food and Beverage Office. Applicable charges will be available through the Food and Beverage Office.

3. Health and Fitness Facilities

    3.1 General

          The Regulations shall apply throughout the Health and Fitness Floor, with exceptions and additions as detailed below :-

     3.2 Exceptions and Additions

            a) Prior to exercising all Members are requested to undertake a medical check-up if in any doubt of their state of health.

            b) Persons under the influence of alcohol or medication should not undertake physical exercise or use the wet area facilities.

            c) Persons suffering from contagious diseases should not expose other members to risk of infection.

            d) Appropriate sporting attire should be worn at all times when exercising. Training shoes are required in the Fitness Room.

            e) Children under the age of eighteen may not use the Health and Fitness facilities, unless for a special organized function.

            f) Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the Health and Fitness floor.

            g) All charges for use of health and beauty treatments will be determined by the Club Manager. Members who wish to use such services may make appointments in person or by telephone and will be required to sign a chit for the applicable charge prior to commencement of the service.

            h) Members may invite their guests to use the Health and Fitness Facilities subject to availability and against payment of prevailing charges.

4. Valet Parking

    4.1 Individual Members and Nominated Individuals will be issued one car parking label which must be displayed on their cars when entering and leaving the building.

    4.2 Members should park their cars in a proper manner within the designated parking spaces.

5. Payment of Bills

     5.1 All transactions within the club must be paid by signing of chits on presentation of a Membership Card.

     5.2 Each Member is responsible for the payment of all chits signed against a Membership Card relating to his membership.

6. General

    6.1 Gambling

          Gambling of any description is strictly forbidden in the Club Premises, apart from fund raising events organized by the club for charitable purposes and duly licensed where required.

    6.2 Club Property

       No person shall remove any property of the from the Club Premises Members shall be responsible for any losses or damages causes by them, their Nominated Individuals, their spouses or guests to any property of the Club.

    6.3 Employees of Members

           Member’s drivers and domestic staff are not permitted to enter or remain in the Club Premises without permission of the Club Manager.

    6.4 Complaints

           All complaints in respect of any matter concerning the Club or the behavior or conduct of any employee of the Club or of the Club Manage must be made in writing to the Club Manager.

    6.5 Suggestions

            All suggestions regarding the Club and its facilities may be made in writing to the Club Manager who may bring Such suggestions to the attention the Board of Governors.

    6.6 Gratuities

           A 10% service charge will be added to the Member’s monthly statement for all food, beverage, telephone, facsimile and other charges.

    6.7 Mobile Telephones

           The use of mobile phone is only permitted on silent mode and not in the spa.

           Hand-held electronic devices, in silent mode, can be used for personal use anywhere in the Club. Hand-held devices and include laptops.

           House phones are provided on each floor of the Club premises for the use of Members and their guests.

    6.8 Notices to Members

           All notice to Members will be posted on the Club’s general notice boards until the matters referred to therein have occurred or been implemented.

    6.9 Reciprocal Arrangements

         The club may enter into reciprocal, unilateral or other arrangements with clubs or other similar institutions or associations in Bangkok or elsewhere under which Members may enjoy the facilities of the other clubs, institutions or association or vice versa. The Club will post the details of these arrangements on the Club’s notice board from time to time.

    6.10 Guests

            a) Members may introduce guests to the Club at anytime provided they are accompanied by the host Member. An additional fee will be charged for guests using the Health & Fitness facilities as determined by the Club Manager.

            b) All fee incurred by a guest as a result of the use of any changeable facilities or services of the Club will be debited to the account of the Member introducing such guest.

             c) Guests are not permitted to sign any chits, use any cash or make any other form of payment within the Club premises.

    6.11 Dress Code

            All persons in the Club premises should be appropriately dressed at all times and on certain occasions, specific mode of dress may be required and will be communicated to Members. Tennis shoes, sandals, jeans, shorts and other such styles of dress are not allowed on the 28th and 29th floor.

     6.12 Children

          Children over the age of fourteen (14) years are permitted to use the Club dining facilities when accompanied by Members, subject as mentioned below. Children under 14 years will only be permitted in private function rooms, or on Saturday and Sunday Brunch or at such other times and areas as the Club may specify from time to time.

     6.13 Pets

             No pets of any description are allowed on the Club Premises.

     6.14 Reservations

             Reservations are recommended at all times for lunch and dinner in the main dining rooms. Private dining rooms are available to members on a reservation basis for business meeting, conferences, receptions or private parties. Members are requested to contact the Club’s Food & Beverage Department in advance, for arrangements.

These regulations ('Regulations') are issued pursuant to and must be read in conjunction with the Club’s By-Laws. If there is any conflict is any conflict between the Regulations and the By-Laws, the latter shall prevail.

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