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May 2019

The Coronation of King Rama X

On this auspicious month of May, Thai people will again undertake the sacred and auspicious event when the coronation ceremony for His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn takes place at the Grand Palace. The three-day celebra

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April 2019

It’s turning to summer !!! Let’s refresh yourself physically and emotionally with Khao Chae; traditional Thai dessert served cold. Khao Chae was adapted from a simple Mon recipe into the complex, multi-dish variety found today, accompanied with Mango-Stic

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March 2019

Modern Thai Food from Organic Ingredients !!

Modern Thai food is an elevation of Thai cuisine that represents another version of Thai food in terms of brilliant combination, qualified rare & local ingredients and artful presentation. Modern Thai fo

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February 2019

happy valentine’s day !!

February marks the month of love and romance. Pacific City Club would like to cordially invite you to celebrate month-long romantic moments through our various Club‘s activities. Either it is family activity or lover celebratio

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