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The Spa at Pacific City Club & Fitness
Spa Treatment

Unwind , relax and pamper yourself with one of The Spa Journey. We will create a customized and unique

journey to meet your individual needs and preferences . 


Balance - session 1.30/2.00 hrs. 

Uplift your energy with a selection of body massage after soothing your skin with exfoliating ritual.

Selection of body scrub  30min. + Selection of body massage 60/90min.


Relax - session 1.30/2.00 hrs. 

Experience a tradition of The Spa signature massage with a unique blend of massage oil, release built-up

tension and stress with scalp massage.
Oriental blend massage 60/90min. + Scalp massage 30min.


Energise - session 2.30 hrs. 

Enjoy hydrotherapy ritual with a selection of body scrub and wrap to regenerate and nourish your skin

with a deeply energising body massage.

Steam or sauna 30min. + Purifying scrub 30min. + Hydrating wrap 30min. +

Classic swedish massage 60min.


Refresh - session 2.30 hrs. 

After soothing skin with body scrub, slip into a deep state of relaxation with aromatic touch massage,

enveloped by delicate fragrance of pure essential oil. Our facial treatment provides hydration and

nourishment for a glowing and radiant skin.

Soothing body scrub 30min. + Aromatic touch massage 60min. + Hydrating or purifying facial 60min


 The ultimate experience for couples, our private VIP Spa Suites offer side-by-side massages in a

 luxurious suite outfitted.

Romance getaway ( couple ) - seesion 3.00 hrs. 

Aromatic steam 30min. + Selection of body scrub 30min. + Selection of body massage 90min.+

Scalp massage 30min.+ Healthy juice 


Romance getaway (couple) - session 3.00 hrs. 

Aromatic steam 30min.+ Selection of body scrub 30min. + Selection of body massage 90min.+

Hydrating or purifying facial 30min. + Spa cuisine

Traditional and cultural rich experience, this combination of deep static pressure and rhythmic

massage with assisted stretching improves energy and flexibility.


Pacific Oriental Blend
- 60/90/120min.

Escape with the techniques that blend Thai stretching with the classic Swedish-influenced oil therapeutic

work to deliver deeply relaxing yet energizing results.

Deep Tension Release
- 60/90/120min.

Full of smooth gliding strokes along with deep kneading and more intense pressure addressed common

areas of chronic muscle tension or specific areas of concern.

Classic Swedish -

This Classic Swedish method utilizes long, flowing strokes and calming techniques to alleviate muscle

tension, improve circulation, and promote full-body relaxation.


Aromatic Touch
- 60/90/120min.

This customized aromatic oil massage uses long and slow movements with light to medium pressure to

relieve stress related tension, fatigue and induce sense of deep relaxation.

Table Thai -

Therapy of energy which applying appropriate pressure to sen points release the body and lymphatic

circulation and eliminate toxins from within.

Back Relief Remedial
- 60min.

For an aching back, neck and shoulders, this tension releasing massage concentrates on these specific

areas most affected by pressure and stress.

Indian Head Massage -

Indulged in the art of pressure points massaged with warm oil to reduce stress and tension.

Oriental foot massage -

A calming therapeutic acupressure massage performed on the feet, working to balance the body and

stimulate energy flow.

When Time Is Short , But You Need To Get Away, Choose On Of The Spa Mini Treatments To Provide The

Escape You Crave.

Scalp Massage - 30min.

With its firm yet gentle rhythm,the massage helps unknot blockages, relieve tension and rebalance the

body’s energy with powerful effects.

Back soother -

Remove those stressful in your neck, shoulders, and back. Great relief after a hard day.

Facial Booster -

A mini-facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation or facial masque, and moisturizer application.

Foot Soothing -

Release your tried feet with appropriate pressure to sen points and promote blood circulation.

One key to beautiful skin is through exfoliation, or the removal of dead skin cells.

This refinement of  the epidermis, not only makes the skin feel smoother,

it actually accelerated the growth of new cells

for better absorbing and reserving deeper moisture within. 


BODY SCRUB - 45 mins

Hydrating Scrub
- Collagen

Nourish the skin and reduces wrinkles while balancing the skin's complexion. It ‘s a natural moisturiser

keeps the skin looking healthy and young.

Purifying Scrub
- Thai Herbs

A blend of Thai herbs and plants that create a beautifully energizing and exfoliating powder. They

smooth away unevenness, improve circulation and refine the skin's texture, making you feel smoother

and more energetic.

Soothing Scrub - Green Tea Scrub

Green Tea Herb Powder is antioxidant and has effective firming effect.

With Kaffir Lime Leaf is deeply cleansing, antibacterial, and improves circulation.

Blended of Peppermint and Rosemary makes this product very uplifting and refreshing.



Treatment begins with an invigorating exfoliation to remove dead skill cell then continues with a

comforting warm body wrap. Service is finished with our signature blend moisturizer application.

Hydrating Skin

This deeply hydrating and detoxing treatment is perfect for tired, dry and dull skin.

Body Tone

Designed to improve skin tone and texture of skin and aids in reducing visible appearance of scarred.

Deep Detox

Designed to stimulate the lymphatic system and assist in the removal of accumulated toxins.

The luxury spa product from COMFORT ZONE is a complete product line of beauty treatments and

rituals . Its elements of design to render every moment of one's life a pleasant interlude of well-being

with an extraordinary treatment to RENEW, NOURISH and ANTI-AGING designed to each skin type

and individual’s need.


Active Pureness Rebalancing
- purify session 60min.

Deep cleansing treatment with a special mask with Spirulina Algae. It gives a fresh, bright and uniform

appearance to the skin.


It smoothes and improves skin tissue aspect. It provides a mattifying action

Skin Conditions

Ideal for all skin conditions including impure skins, oily skins and with wrinkles.

- Moisturising session 60min.

Intensive hydrating treatment for face, neck and decollete with Biomimetic fragments Hialuronic Acid

and marco hialuronic Acid, for a bright and silky skin aspect. The exclusive application of the mask with

bruches offers a unique experience.


It cosmetically supports the compactness of the skin. It helps to prevent the visible signs of a premature


Skin Conditions

Ideal for all skin conditions, specific for particularly dehydrated and stressed skins, exposed to air-

conditioned and very dry climates.

Sublime skin deluxe lift - Lifting session 60min.

The exclusive waterless bi-phasic mask with Vitamin PP and hexapeptide-8 helps to cosmetically

oxygenate skin tissues and to give an instant firming effect.


It smoothes, illuminates and uniforms the skin tone.It stimulates the epidermial cells renewal.It improves

the appearance of soft and premature wrinkles

Skin Conditions

Ideal for every epidermial condition with wrinkles and visible loss of tone and volume.

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