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The Spa at Pacific City Club & Fitness
Spa Product

A selective with high quality therapeutic embodied of holistic approach and Asian homeopathy. All ingredients are from natural remedies such as oriental herbal remedies and aromatherapy .The product range fused with unique characteristics of seasonal path to sense of well-being based on 'east-meet-west' philosophy. 


[ comfort zone ] was conceived in Parma, Italy, in 1996 as the skincare division of Davines Group. What began as a research laboratory and manufacturing site for the development of high-quality formulas has grown into an internationally awarded and distributed professional range of spa treatments and home care. The evolution of [ comfort zone ] rests in the vision and scientific background of the President Dr. Davide Bollati, pharmacist and cosmetic chemist, who has always valued extensive and constant research to support his commitment to excellence.

We select the finest natural-origin active ingredients and combine them with the most advanced high-tech molecules and carrier systems to guarantee the maximum efficacy, safety and pleasantness of our products.

We are replacing silicones with nourishing oils and butters for maximum silkiness and to give skin the benefit of “real active beauty”.

Our products are manufactured in Italy with electric energy from renewable resources.

BODY PRODUCT - Natural Ingredient 

Applying the healing properties of essential oils, aromatic herbs and exotic spices as natural healing properties of aromatic in massage therapy to exert powerful effects on the body, mind and emotions. The Spa creates a unique blend signature of aromatic essences extracted from four season flowers, plants, trees, bark and seeds. The resulting experience will remove you from the rigour of the outside world and place you within a comforting space with experts trained to ease away any tension.

Winter - Balance

Rosewood is enlivening and uplifting and has an overall balancing effect on the weary and those that have been over-burdened with life's problems. Ylang Ylang and Lavender are comforting, restores faith and in particular love. The woody and floral note sets the tone for the winter months while preparing for the onset of spring.

Spring - Refresh
This herbal scented blend of lemongrass, rosemary and geranium evokes images of spring when all life comes to a bloom. The past is to be cast off for a complete new start. The once fatigue will be energized, stimulated and regenerated.

Summer - Energise
Bergamot and Orange oils associated with the summer with its abundance of energy and sunshine. This blend of citrus fruit and the leafy scent of lavender remind one of open fields, vast plain, freedom and youth.

Autumn - Relax
The time for consolidation, to take stock of the present and plan for the future. Tea Tree and Grapefruit are two oils that greatly enhance confidence, trust in oneself and zest for life. Eucalyptus is also energizing and stimulating against the lethargic often associated with the cooler autumn season.

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